The book "A Land With No Name" did not appear as the result of a single project about a journey or some life event. It is a book about internal geography, about the unique landscape formed inside each person and which we can consider our land. During life, it inevitably transforms, shifts, and this is just a desperate attempt to fix its visible part—forms that live only for a short moment and then are destroyed, no matter how strong they may seem to us.
The book contains photographs of the past 8 years of observation of the surrounding world and space, reflecting random moments long lost in memory.
Published by Soyapress. 2021 Moscow.
108 pages, 180×240mm, perfect bound binding, block: Sappi Magno Volume 150g/m2, cover: black color Letterpress print on Keaykolour Pumkin 300g/m2. 350lpi offset print, edition: 250. Bonus - offset print A1 on recycled paper.