Architecture is the chronicle of the world, and it can tell us a lot about the past. But who exactly preserves it and who writes new lines in it?
Old mansions could, as before, be the center of cultural life, turn into theaters, museums or hotels, but, unfortunately, there are fewer interested in their restoration than indifferent.
On the background of old Russian architecture, the drama of its survival is played out: how restorationists strive to give the houses a "second life" despite all circumstances.

Documentary. 2023. 55min.

Director - Sergey Kostromin
Scriptwriter - Konstantin Reich 
General Producers - Lika Blank / Asmik Movsisyan
Creative producers - Anastasia Ritsina / Alexander Selivurstov / Pavel Feldman
Executive Producers - Tatiana Yuferova / Ekaterina Stroganova / Philip Dmitrievsky 
Line producers - Daria Trofimova / Svetlana Ivanova
Operators - Sergey Kostromin / Daniil Konstantinov / Elena Bolgova 
Drone pilot - Alexander Zhdanov / Andrey Lavrynovych
Composer & Sound design - Alexander Dubrovsky 
Editor - Anton Moiseenko 
Colorist - Andrey Khudyakov